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Freedom of Information

Victoria's Freedom of Information (FOI) laws give every person the right to: request access to any document held by the Victorian government and other Victorian public agencies; and request the amendment of their personal records held by the government or those agencies.

Under these laws, a person's request for access to documents must be granted, unless a specific exemption or exception applies; and a person's request for amendment of their personal records may lead to a notation being added to those records.

The vast majority of FOI requests received by Eastern Health are from patients seeking access to their medical records. In most cases, the records are released in full. In other cases, some information is withheld, for example, sensitive information about another person.

A small number of requests are received for other documents, such as policies.

A lot of information about Eastern Health is publicly available on this website (Click here for more details), as well as in printed brochures available at many of its locations.

Requests must be in writing.

For access to medical records­—complete Eastern Health's FOI Application Form,(DOC, 408KB), and include any of the additional documents that are required (such as photo identification and legal documents).

For access to other documents held by Eastern Health—write a letter clearly describing the requested documents.

Requests must include payment of the application fee (currently $28.90) or a copy of the applicant's current health care card or pension card so that the fee can be waived.

For amendment of your personal records — write a letter clearly describing how the information is incomplete, incorrect, out of date or misleading, and specifying the requested amendments. No application fee is required.

Send the request to the Eastern Health FOI Service (see contact details below).

For requests for access to documents—in general, a decision must be sent within 30 days. If any additional charges apply (such as photocopying costs), the applicant will be notified, and payment may be required before the request is finalised. If a request is invalid (for example, if it fails to clearly identify the documents sought), Eastern Health will contact the applicant to try to resolve the issue, so that the request can then proceed.

For requests for amendment of personal records—in general, a decision must be sent within 30 days.

Eastern Health provides a centralised service for Release of Information (ROI) for general practitioners and external health care providers.

The Release of Information Service is staffed between 8.30am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday. For urgent requests outside these hours please phone 1300 342 255 and you will be directed to contact site based HIS departments.

Non-urgent out of hours requests will be actioned as required during business hours of the following business day.

If you are the patient's nominated GP as recorded on the Eastern Health computer system, please telephone Release of Information Services on PH: 9871 3655. If you are not the patient's nominated GP as recorded on the Eastern Health computer system, please fax your written request on your letterhead accompanied by an authority from the patient to FAX: 9871 3357. As an alternative scan and email to roi@easternhealth.org.au