Rheumatology clinic (Medicare Bulk Billed)

he Rheumatology Clinic is divided into disease specific sub clinics: rheumatoid, psoriatic arthritis, connective tissue disease, joint and gout.

Eligibility Criteria
Due to limited resources referrals will only be accepted for people with systemic disease proven by makers such as a raised ESR CRP RH Factor positive ANA.

Urgent cases should be discussed with Rheumatologist Registrar. Referrals are triaged by Doctors.

All private clinics must have named specialist on referral

GPs are encouraged to used the Victorian Statewide referral Form (VSRF) (DOC, 42KB) which can be downloaded into most medical software.

Investigations to be sent with the referral:

Any investigations performed. Patients should have recent pathology tests for systemic disease.

Bulk Billed - no cost to patient

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