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Post Acute Care is a state government funded program that provides short term services to help people recover at home after discharge from a public hospital.

Post Acute Care (PAC) aims to:

  • Support healing and recovery at home
  • Fill the gap until longer term services commence
  • Provide a flexible service that responds to each client’s individual needs

A variety of services can be arranged and funded for a short period:

  • Nursing
  • Showering Assistance
  • Domestic Assistance (cleaning of home)
  • In home Respite
  • Recuperation in a Supported Residential Service

Note: Physiotherapy is no longer provided under Post Acute Care. Health professionals can make a referral via the Community Access Unit  and select Ambulatory Care and Community Services Referral Form

Eastern Post Acute Care program provides support if you live in the local council areas of Knox, Manningham, Maroondah, Whitehorse or Yarra Ranges.

A Coordinator will assess, arrange and monitor your personalised plan of care which takes into account your individual and clinical requirements. Length of program is generally 5 days for nursing services and up to 4 weeks for other personal care type services (such as Showering assistance).

With your consent, your local doctor will be notified of the services you receive under the Eastern Health PAC program.



PAC services are generally free - however you will be required to contribute to the costs of consumables such as wound care products, purchase of appropriate equipment or a stay in a Supported Residential Service (SRS).



Please contact our service directly by phone to discuss.
Referrals will not be accepted unless a verbal handover has occurred
Completion of the following forms:


Medical Assistance

Should you experience an alteration in your medical condition, please contact your local GP for advice.

In the event of a medical emergency dial “000” or attend your local Emergency Department.

If you attend a hospital emergency department or are admitted to hospital please inform hospital staff that you are a client of Eastern PAC, or contact us directly.


Staff Safety

It is important for staff & contractors entering your home to access a safe work environment. We will ask some questions about yourself and your home to ensure safety for staff.

  • Please identify any hazards to staff
  • Have you developed a cough, fever or been in contact with anyone who has tested positive to the Corona Virus. – please call our team as soon as possible.
  • Staff are entitled to work in an environment free from aggression or violence
  • All animals MUST be secured either in a yard or another room
  • NO smoking during staff attendance
  • Shoes can‘t be removed when entering the home


Cancellations/Changes/Public Holidays

Please ensure you notify our staff/contractors promptly of any need to cancel or change the timing of visits. Any late cancellation is a cost to our program and will limit our capacity to provide support for others.

Only essential services are provided on public holidays and weekends. The PAC Coordinator will discuss a plan with you, if you are affected.


Monitoring & Support

Beyond Blue:1300 224 636

Lifeline: 131 114

My Emergency Doctor App is free between 6pm and 8am.


(For health professionals from other health services making a referral)                            
Phone 9881 1815   Fax 9803 2650 Email

Angliss Hospital                                                      
P 9764 6172 

Box Hill Hospital                                                     
P 9895 3403

Healesville Hospital and Maroondah Hospital     
P 9871 3679

Wantirna Health and Peter James Centre                      
P 9881 1815