Life Links Program- Cardiac Recovery Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Contact the Eastern Health Health Promotion Unit or your local GP for referral.


The Life Links program provides additional support for people adjusting to changed lifestyles after an initial diagnosis or episode such as cardiac disease or re-occurring episode of a chronic illness.

The program is suitable for people who have completed their hospital care or have been identified by their health practitioner, who may benefit from an extended support and education program that focuses on enhancing a positive outlook and establishing social and physical activity links within local communities.

The program consists of six weekly sessions that each includes education, exercise and social interaction. It is conducted by qualified staff from Eastern Health and partner agencies in local community settings.


Eligibility Criteria

This program is suitable for a patient who has experienced a cardiac episode or re-occurring episode of chronic illness, who may benefit from additional physical and mental health support to aid in recovery and cogitative adjustment.

There is no age eligibility.

Patients require adequate physical mobility and suitability for group education to enable their active participation in the program.


Life Links Referral Form completed which includes;

  • Patient Details
  • LMO/GP Details
  • Reason for Referral:
  • Cardiac History:
  • Physical Limitations:
  • Relevant Medical History:
  • Transport Required: Yes/ No


$55 per course $50 (cons). Fees may be waivered if negotiated, due to patient financial disadvantage.

Our Team

Life Links program is co-facilitated with an Eastern Health clinician (Primary Mental Health Counsellor, Social Worker) a local Community Health Service clinician (Counsellor) and a trained Exercise Facilitator.


P Health Promotion Unit 9895 4947 F 9895 4951


The program is conducted over six consecutive weekly sessions. It is located in a community setting in the Knox and Manningham local areas.

Car Parking

Public Transport available to both community venues. Volunteer transport can also be arranged, dependent on residential area.