Hearing assessment for all patients of all ages.

We offer help with hearing assessment and ear health by a university qualified audiologist.

We test all patients, of all ages.

Specifically, our range of testing includes hearing and ear health assessment for:

Babies (6 – 12 months)
Toddlers (13 – 24 months)
Children (2-15 years old)
Adults (15+ years)

Reasons why you or your child may need a hearing test:

  • You can't hear clearly or miss words
  • You know you have a hearing loss but it has not been checked in the last 2 years
  • You suffer from recurrent ear infections
  • Someone in your family has a hearing loss
  • You or your child's school teacher is worried about your child's ability to hear
  • Your child's speech and language development is not progressing
  • Your child is performing poorly at school or is tired/irritated at the end of a school day

No referral required.


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